The Band


Norm Couturier - Guitars, Vocals

Norm has been a fan of guitar blues and rock for years. Every since his guitar instructor introduced him to the works of Carlos Santana at the age of 13, he has wanted to play lead guitar. He also discovered that the quest for tone is never-ending, and has been a gear head ever since, with a love for tube amps, overdrives and Stratocasters. Some of his main musical influences have been Carlos Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kim Mitchell, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Joe Bonamassa.

Originally from Saint John, he moved to Fredericton in ’88, and has played guitar for Vintage Tin and Mixed Nuts.


Tom Demerson - Bass, Vocals

Bringing the groove to Overwound is bassist Tom Demerson.  His solid bass lines and fills provide the swing that propels the Overwound sound and the foundation that supports Norm’s soaring lead guitar.

A classically-trained pianist, Tom is well-known as founding member and original bassist for the 70’s tribute band 8-Track Mind.  Active on the New Brunswick music scene since the early 1980’s, he has provided keyboards and synthesizer to SideFX and Dave MacNeal, and bass for The Suspects, Prime, and 8-Track Mind, before joining Overwound.

Tom’s influences range from jazz and classical music to the bass-intensive classic rock of bands like Rush and Led Zeppelin.


Mark Patterson - Drums

Many many years ago, the earth had seen its finest and most extraordinary natural event.

During one harsh winter night was the most magnificent meteor shower that had ever graced the skies.  Although most of the meteoroids burnt up in atmosphere, one meteorite landed in the northern country of Canada. In it, was a child. This child was later found where the meteorite had landed by a trucker with no name, known to no one. He raised the child, and brought him to every bar and club across the country to every blues show in his truck. This star child would be taught everything about the rhythm and blues for years to come and seemed to prefer drums as their rhythmic sounds mesmerized him.

The child became a man and could play along with the best, but he wasn’t able to stand out as a musician; not until that faithful night. In the corner of the smoke filled bar in the middle of nowhere was an older man, tired looking and worn out. He leapt on stage with a cigarette to his lips, and yelled, “Hey bartender, one scotch, one bourbon, and one beer!”  The bartender made his way to the stage to bring the man his drinks as he played the old John Lee Hooker song.  It was a twist of fate – that bartender tripped and spilt the man’s scotch, bourbon and beer all over the man from the stars.  The mixture of the liquids and the sound around transformed him into the most perfect blues drummer.  He got up on stage with the old man and played the best blues show ever in history and now plays at all the best bars, pubs and clubs across the country.

This drummer is now known as Mark Patterson.